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   Spenthrift is an Alternative Rock band (of the "Simply Good" variety), based in Toronto, Canada. A three-piece rock band with a passion for music, Spenthrift positively contrasts a lot of the music you may come across in the main stream. Spenthrift's musical tastes are vast; and their influences are absorbed to produce music with an appeal just as broad. Toronto is a city of diverse sounds and performers, and Spenthrift is still able to stand out because of their unique sound and appreciation for rock music. 

   Spenthrift is constantly expanding their catalogue, so this page will be updated with new songs and demos as regularly as possible.

   Spenthrift has been performing in the Toronto music scene since 2006, and has consisted of an array of supporting musicians. Original Spenthrift members include Kazi and Tyler, the latter switching from being drummer to the current bassist.

   We are currently looking for other Toronto bands to network within the Toronto music scene. If you would like to do shows, or tour together send us a message.

Contact Management via e-mail for bookings, meetings, interviews, and/or comments at info@spenthrift.com

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